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what can I do with Erika?

May 5, 2009



the blogger and iphoner

the blogger and iphone'r'



What can I do with my little Erika at home?
besides playing her toys, (she gets bored with her toys easily) I sometimes do some crafty stuffs with her, but seems like she is not very very interested in it.
Any suggestion what you do with your little toddlers at home?

I love sunny days, because I can bring her out to the park and play. At least, there are more outdoor activities to do.


chalk fun

chalk fun

I thought about going to the mall, libraries, but, in this H1N1 period, I don’t really want to do that for a while.

These days i put down the needles and beads, I didn’t touch it , because I felt so tired and just wanted to update facebook and blogs. 🙂 

We went to Japan town today, because our family love their bakery. We took some pictures there too.


Grandpa and Erika

Grandpa and Erika



THere was a little pond there and Erika was so excited to see the little ‘water fall’ there. 🙂

IT’s great that even though I couldn’t see the Cherry blossom in High park, I found one similar tree there. (However, there were very few flowers on that young tree.)  OH well, better than nothing, right?


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Might seem silly, but Olivia loves to help me clean and do whatever I’m doing. I just try to set her up with a kid-safe version of whatever chore I’m working on (gardening, cooking, etc.), and it keeps her entertained.

Good luck!


May 7, 2009

Erika looks like she is having a great time playing.


May 7, 2009

I bought a big box of large chalk too for our driveway. I wish I had more advice on what to do with toddlers, but Sean goes to daycare 5 days a week, so I really dont know! On the weekends when he’s home with us, he just likes to hang out with us, and it’s different with boys than girls. Trucks/tools over dolls and girl stuff! Hope you find stuff to do!


May 7, 2009

Ooh, I second Sarah’s gardening idea.

Do you have a local zoo you could go walk around (it would be a lot less enclosed than the mall)?

And my sister bought me this book (here’s the blog link: and they have different activities for different ages.


May 14, 2009

Oops, sorry. I added a “)” on the end of the web address:


May 14, 2009

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