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Erika’s birthday….

June 25, 2009

Here are some pictures of Erika’s birthday celebration.

We didn’t invite any kid to come over for the party, because we think that Erika doesn’t understand what birthday is.  So, we just bought her a cake, and at the same time, her great aunt and uncle came over and shared the cakes with us too.

She recieved some gifts this year but not much, because most people thought that we will leave soon , so, they didn’t want to add too many things for us to bring to CHINA.

They mostly gave us ‘money’ gifts instead. (which is good though)

However, we still received some little gifts.

SUch as a hand knitted Clown by my aunt.

She did a really good job in it. Almost every member in our family got one of her stuff toy. 🙂

A big package of cute stuffs from my friend in Hong Kong. I really love that Japanese Sandwich maker. I tried it , it’s really fun and cute, that was really a good buy.

My another aunt gave Erika two books that she really loves: one Elmo and one Mickey Mouse book. 🙂

After her birthday on Sunday, we took her to see her doctor on Monday, which was her 24 months check up.

She wasn’t very ‘happy’ to go to see the doctor, but to us (my mom and me) , we love to see him , because he is the best doctor we have ever seen … 🙂

We miss him, … I hope we can find a doctor like him in CHINA. 😦

and we found that in his office, he has the same style clown too, but it’s much bigger…


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Thanks for sharing Erika’s birthday. It’s very interesting to read it, and those pictures are cuteee! Are you planning to go to taste of asia this year?


June 25, 2009

Hi! Lilian. Haven’t seen any update on your Chinese blog for a while, so I come to your craft blog! Happy belated birthday to Erika! She seems to have fun!

I read that you will move to Shenzhen instead of Shanghai right? Shenzhen is so much closer to HK, which should be pretty good right? Hope you can still find some good LYS there. Hehe I will ask you for more information before my next trip back to HK to visit my parents. 🙂


June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to my little Kai Daughter Erika! The birthday cake looks LOVELY and did she enjoy it? She looked very interested to her bday gift especially the elmo one. haha. Wow, the hand knitted clown is AMAZING!!! I hope she will like the clothes that I got her too. 😛


June 28, 2009

OOO I missed Erika’s birthday. She is so adorable. Looks like she will be making some cute cookies. Happy Belated Birthday Erika!!


June 29, 2009

The clown is very nice. Is it a pattern by Jean Greenhowe ( I love her patterns!


July 5, 2009

Looks like Erika had a great birthday! Love the knitted clown! Your Aunt did a great job!


July 7, 2009

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