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Am I stupid?

July 7, 2009

I found that I was so stupid while winding the Sundara Fingering Silk merino today!!

Even though with the winder and shift, I spent almost half an hour to make it a cake! Of course, it’s ok at the end, but I screwed up many times while winding. It kept slipping off from the winder… 😦

I don’t know why I always have problems to wind the seasilk, silk and silk blended yarn…. they are so slippery that’s quite hard to control. Any tips??

Oh well, I finally finished the linen Gail, and now go back to the MERINO & SILK. I love the touch of this yarn, because it’s so much softer to knit. With linen, it’s a bit coarse without any elasticity, it’s a bit tiring when you do all purl for the WS row. Now, I feel so much easier to knit. Did I tell you what am I going to knit with this ?? It’s the GAIL again!! It’s a fast project too (but compare with Isbhel, it’s a longer project).

This yarn is just gorgeous, I bought quite a few of them before I leave to China. Because I don’t know when I can stock these up after moving over there. I noticed that most people only love to ship domestically, or within N. America. Actually, I dont’ really understand, what if the buyer is willing to pay more for the shipping?  You have to go to the Post office anyway,  why not sell them internationally?

For me, I am always happy to ship wherever the buyer is , it’s fair, because they couldn’t find that yarn in their local yarn stores, so, they can only buy them through Ravelry’s destashing group. I think this is a great idea for people to swap yarn too.

I hope I will still have those swaps after moving to CHINA. 🙂

Cheers… Happy knitting all the time.


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Do you mean the whole cake slipped off from the winder? I didn’t have this problem when I winded seasilk. Did you “lock” the cone of the winder? Or was it too heavy? If it’s too heavy, I think it will fall off. Maybe we can try it together when I see you next time.

Wow, you finished a Gail? You’re FAST!!! You got to show us a picture when you have it! Is the second Gail for you? Whoo…I can’t wait!!! Enjoy it. 😀


July 7, 2009

I have no advice for winding silk – sorry. I don’t even think I have much in my stash. 😦 That color you have is gorgeous!


July 10, 2009

The silky yarn is really hard to wind, and I think the best way is to wind it by hand. I tried once last night.. and have no problem to wind it into a ball. 🙂 good huh!


July 20, 2009

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