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August 8, 2009

Hi everyone, I can finally access to this blog, because I am now in Hong Kong meeting my sister and parents. My parents will go back to Canada on the coming Friday, so, Erika and I are now staying in Hong Kong for few days.

Since I am in Hong Kong, I am able to check this blog, and ready to tell all of you that I have a new blog set up in China.

Here is the link:

So, overall, my url is almost the same except “wordpress” is changed to “blogbus”.

Sorry that it might cause you some trouble to browse my new site, I don’t know why there are some problems to see that site ‘normally’.

I loaded up few new pictures of my new place.

and I will upload more after I move back to China.


My two lost baggages were all found and arrived my place in a good shape. 🙂 Thanks God!

The best part is: the yarn is there… also, I started to knit in China too. (but didn’t bring it to Hong Kong, because I know that I won’t have time to knit here!)

I miss all of you.

I hope i will have time to check out your blogs while I am still in Hong Kong.

I feel a bit depressed that I couldn’t check any blog (wordpress, blogger, typepad…. ) in CHina. They blogged too many of them that I couldn’t help at all.

The good thing is: I can still access to Ravelry up there, so, I can still ‘look’ at your Wips, and finished projects. 🙂


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Can’t wait to see you on your new blog.

Glad you can access Ravelry! I’d die without Ravelry I think!!



August 8, 2009

You are right, RObyn, I think I will die without Ravelry too. 🙂


August 9, 2009

Have fun knitting in China!
BTW, do you check out the knitting bbs and blogs in China? They are wonderful, too.


August 9, 2009

I didn’t get a chance to check out the Chinese bbs and blogs… do you have any good link to share?


August 9, 2009

Is there an option to view your new blog in English?


August 12, 2009

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