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great shopping in HK…

August 10, 2009

Since I can use wordpress in HK, I really enjoy to update my news in here rather than using the new one.
I will try to update both sides if I am in Hong KOng. I am now still in Hong Kong, but will go back to ShenZhen tomorrow with Erika. but then, I will come down to Hong Kong again on Thu/Fri so that I can take my parents to Airport. Yeah, they are going back to Toronto this week, and we will not see them for a while until the day they come here , or we go back there.

I went to Jusco today, and there is a 10 dollars shop. It’s a “Japanese 10 dollars” shop, which means, all the projects are from Japan! THey are very neat. Surprised me is that : I found nice Japanese yarn in that shop! Few Linen and cotton yarn there. I can’t stop myself to buy them! I bought 3 balls of Linen yarn in Pink color. Will try to knit/ crochet a hat for Erika. 😀 They are only 10 HK dollars (which means, it’s only around 1.39 CAD !! Do you want some?! hahaha

ok.. got to go now and have my dinner!
will post more pictures in the future!!
(so much fun here !!)


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Sounds like fun! I’ve not yet owned or even knit with Linen. Sounds interesting.


August 10, 2009

Oh Lilian! I miss the $10 shop! There’s one near my home when I was in HK. I loved to go there to get some tiny home gadgets but never realized I could get yarns (but I didn’t knit at that time).

There are some “pound shop” here in the UK. They also sell some yarns but most are flurry fluffy fun yarns or rough acrylic one. 😦


August 11, 2009

Hi which 10 dollar jusco did you go? I’m interested in buying some yarn for myself to use 🙂

Jamie Ho

July 5, 2011

The one that I went is located in Whampoa, however, the yarn runs out very fast, because they don’t have much in stock.
but, you can always find some surprises … 🙂
good luck!!

I think there is one in Tsim Sha Tsui near the Star Ferry, you can check that out too.


Enjoy shopping!


July 5, 2011

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