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A little shopping today (Sep 4, 2009)

November 1, 2009

I found some goodies today.

Finally, I could able to find a yarn shop in Shenzhen. I searched it from the internet, and then I took the taxi to go there. WOW, when I saw “South Trading Market”, I thought it was a big building with lots of shops inside. BUt, I was wrong, when I arrived there, it’s actually a quite dirty and messy market.  Hmm, but, I was very curious what the shop sells. SO, I stepped into the market and then the shop actually surprised me.

THey had lots of wool, cashmere yarn in boxes, cotton  and rayon yarn. The store lady was very helpful and was trying to give me the best thing of all. And you want to know the price?
They are really cheap!

Compare with Canadian’s yarn shop, I know that everyone will not like to go in to this. But, consider their cheap prices, I think it’s worth to take a trip there. OF course, if talking about varieties, you can’t compare with the Canadian’s. But, if you have no choice, I think this is good enough.  They dont’ have any table or chair for you to sit in and knit (you don’t even want to do that in this environment, right? IT’s really hot there with no air conditioning. I sweat a lot inside the store!!) They do sell needles (straight and circular), but I am not interested, because I’ve lots of them. ANd I think the quality is not that good though.  There is no pattern book there, the knitters usually buy them in BOOK CITY. Not to mention about other notion – NONE. They only sell yarn and few needles, that’s all.

The picture below shows the RAYON yarn

(ONLY $5 RMB each!) , I bought 4 cones, she said that these amount of yarn can make a tank top, so, I think it should be

enough for a shawl.


this one is something like cashmere but this is from LAMB (羔羊/小羊), (but she said that it’s even better than cashmere山羊). It’s also machine washable, which is great to knit something for Erika. 🙂  ($288 for the whole box, around $48 Cdn [consider the price in Canada/USA, each ball may cost around $48 for cashmere, but now, I’ve got a WHOLE box of them with that price!)  the price is base on the WEIGHT, this box weighs about 1斤, around 600g )

She said that one box of those should be more than enough to make a sweater for Erika.

The only thing that I don’t like is that : the label doesn’t tell you the yardage, nor the gauge thing. I dont’ know why. And probably because the knitters here don’t really care about those, because the patterns here also don’t show those information neither, they only give you the chart of the lace pattern, that’s all.  (you have to create  your own pattern by using that specific lace chart.)

After the yarn shopping, I took Erika to the mall beside this market, and they have few cross stitch stores inside. I bought two sets of these:

only $50 RMB for this set, it’s a cushion set. The picture is very famous in Hong Kong by 幾米.

This one is another set , it’s a wallet. 🙂

It’s only $48 RMB.

They are really cheap , consider each kit contains all the materials except the needle.

I also found a little dress and a pair of pants for Erika too:

($38 RMB)

($20 RMB)

And this Paul Frank tank top for myself:

($55 RMB)

When we were home, I took a picture for Erika. I kneeled down, she followed me… so, … the picture looks like this:

And I also found that one of the neighbors had 以馬內利 (Emmanuel) on their balcony. I am guessing that they may be a Christian Family?

Excuse me, Erika,… how come you sit like this while having your dinner?!


(she even played with her toes..! )

Both legs on the dining table, oh no!

Little pork legs! hahaha


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