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Home Sick (Aug 25, 2009)

November 1, 2009

Am I home Sick?

Yes, I think I am.

I miss my parents in Canada, I have never been far apart with them like this.

Even when I was studying alone in Ottawa for 1st year University, I didn’t feel that ‘sick’. Because we were just 5 hours driving apart. But, now, I am alone with Erika and Vincent in a new place, the life is so much different than in Canada. I miss Canada …..

I miss everything there: the church, the friends, the family, the car (it’s so much more convenient to have my own car!) , the food, the supermarket, the weather, the sky, the fresh air, the park, the house, the …… many things…

ONE THING I KNOW IS: I will never forget the things that I shared, experienced in Canada.

I will never forget how good it is (and how bad it was too)….

When we were sick, we tended to miss HOME a lot.  RIGHT?

When I miss Home, I will look at Erika, because she will remind me that I have to face the “REALITY”, I shall not look back, and look to the future. I already set up a plan for teaching her new things everyday. And I also want to set up a time and schedule to practice my piano skill.

( my new Electronic piano, it’s from CASIO, only $3900 China Dollars, I think this is a very good price, it serves my purpose)

(I only let Erika plays my iphone in certain time, and she will relax herself like this in the sofa and watched the Mickey Mouse TV show in iphone!)

I gave up a lot from Canada to this place for what? For my husband, for our family’s future. So, since I already gave up so much, I have to get something from here!

Pray for us …. we need the strength and power from God… I know that I can’t do it without HIM.

Erika eats more now, like this morning, she loves those little cakes that I bought from the bakery store, she can eat 8 of them !! Can’t believe it!


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