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I feel so guilty (Sep 10, 2009)

November 1, 2009

I did a very bad job today…and felt so guilty..

you know what is it?

I gave Erika a little hair cut..

but.. she moved.. and …. her right side forehead section is a bit too short.. it looks so weird..

I dont’ even want to take a picture for her.

I feel so bad… 😦

she doesn’t know it (she doesn’t know how bad it looks)… I am glad that she doesn’t, otherwise, she will cry or blame me a lot. 😛

I hope her hair will grow faster so that it can cover up my mistake.

(it might take a month?)

Now.. I may have to give her a hat when she’s out or meet up with people…


Ahh… how come I did such a bad work!!


Little treat for anyone who loves to knit. This link is in CHINESE, but some of the links are the copies of Japanese knitting patterns. IT’s great to take a look, and you can print them out too. They include some 2009 fall patterns! Very latest ones!  I already have some in mind, and want to save up for future use. You know how much it costs to buy the whole Japanese pattern book (A LOT!) So, it’s time to save some money.



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