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Knew some friends here (Aug 29, 2009)

November 1, 2009

I started to run around and see if there is any ‘crafty’ people around my place.

YES! I found 2 in these two days!

I knew one yesterday in a Silver clay jewelry making store, she is a very nice store lady! She speaks in Mandarin and I can understand most of it because she speaks slowly and she is very patient to listen (and tries to understand me) my bad Mandarin!  We made a little pendant for Erika, it’s a little heart with Erika’s finger print & a little red ‘stone’ on the top of it. At the back of it, I wrote : “Erika 要乖乖哦!” (Be a good girl , Erika!) It’s so cute. 🙂

Her name reminds me my best friend, because they both have the same first name: ANGEL. And her last name is same as mine, YEUNG. How special is it? I told my best friend Angel about it, and she also thinks that it’s very special, it’s a combination of US. hahaha

I told Angel (The store lady) that I wanted to meet some crafty friends here, and it will be great if they can speak in Cantonese. She found one for me this morning. IT’s her new customer, Linda, who can speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese. So, we had a little gathering at Angel’s store this afternoon. We chatted, we have many similiarities: we all have a kid at home, and they are all aroun 2years old. 🙂 WE all love making crafts, and Linda also loves to KNIT too. 🙂

Our conversation this afternoon sounds really fun, we try to know each other and share our experiences on taking care kids, making crafts…etc.  I feel so joyful to meet new friends here, the good thing is: we have common hobbies. 🙂  And we can gather again in Angel’s store (instead of our homes, you know, it’s not that convenient yet.) We exchanged our email address for future communication.

Oh, I feel so good that I found some friends who can help me to settle down here, they can show me where to get this and that, and also gives me more information about kid’s school in the future.

Another great thing is: I can learn more and speak more Mandarin. They dont’ laugh at my bad Mandarin, on the other hand, they will teach me how to say in the correct way.

It’s only an hour gathering this afternoon, but already brightened up my day. 🙂


Last night, we had a Japanese dinner for our Anniversary! 🙂

Vincent booked a table for this dinner, and they were so kind to give us a BIG ROOM for just 3 of us!

The table is so HUGE that our jaws almost fell off when we saw that! hahaha.

(she is giving me a little hug. 🙂 so cute!!!)

That table was big enough for over 10 people!  And this room was on the second floor, we could look down to the people who are eating on the 1st floor. So, it gives us a feeling that we are the VIPS in those theatre. haha.

We ordered a sashimi combo , and didn’t know that it was THAT BIG!! I mean, the way of the ‘packaging’ is very exaggerated! There were actually only around 30 pieces of sashimi, but the “WOK” they used for decorating is way too big. hahahhahaha.


This afternoon, we also went to a mall with Seibu there, we didn’t any thing there as it’s a mall of all the FAMOUS (EXPENSIVE) brand such as LV. We didn’t even go to the store and look at them, but we took a picture outside the building. 🙂 hahahaha

Oh well, we finally had a dinner inside the mall, it’s Shanghai food, quite yummy, and Erika ate a lot of noodles tonight. 🙂


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