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New sewing project (Oct 23, 2009)

November 1, 2009

Finally, I’ve got a chance to buy a new sewing machine in CHINA.

The brand is Brother, which is quite good. Although it said that it’s Japanese model, but actually made in CHINA. I don’t mind as long as it works well. 🙂 The price is pretty good (around $1200 RMB) too.

The first project that I made is the vest for ERika, however, I made a big mistake and felt so shame to post it here . hahahhaa

The second project is the reversible handbag. I made it in two days while Erika was having her nap. I love this bag a lot, because it’s reversible!! The hardest part to sew is the handles, because it’s a bit too thick to sew with the machine.

THe red fabric was bought in Toronto downtown, and the black one was bought here in IKEA. 🙂

Erika likes it too, however, it’s too big for her. 🙂

(Erika says,”mommy, I am going out.. with your bag, umbrella and the passport!” ) hahaha

The final picture here shows the drawing by Erika and me. SHe painted few straight lines and the stopped. SO, I continued  to draw some flowers based on those few lines.  Not so bad, right?!


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