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Nice weekend (Sep 7, 2009)

November 1, 2009

We had a very nice weekend …

first of all, on Saturday, we stayed in ShenZhen, and we went to Shekou to find the shops that sell Foreign goods. They actually have Park n’ shop (百佳) over there, however, the price is a bit higher than Hk’s. And there are 2 more shops that sell lots of Foreign food… OH, They are really expensive.

Does anyone know about SPAM ham?  Guess how much they sell it?
around $35 RMB, which means about $5.56 CAD! Can you believe it?
IN Shenzhen’s Jusco, they only sell them around $24 RMB, (around $3.81 CAD) , that sounds already expensive, but it’s so much better than that foreign shop, right?

For the baking stuffs, of course, they are expensive… But, it’s actually pretty much the same as HK’s supermarket stores, I think the people in HK/ CHINA don’t bake that much (in Western way) …. SO, the market is not big enough to stock up more, that’ s why the price is so high. For example, I bought a little bottle of Vanilla Essence, it costs about $15 RMB, around $2.38 CAD. Hmm.. how much does it cost in Canada? may be half of the price? or 1/3 of it?

I really want to bake some cookies, cakes and bread for ourselves.. so, I am willing to pay a bit more for that. Since they won’t ‘run out’ so fast, it’s ok to buy them once a while.

THen, on Sunday morning, we went to Hk and visit my sister.

WE had a great time there, Erika had a good time with my sister, and I had  a good time go to shop what I need (craft things, and baking tools).

Erika stayed in my sister’s place most of the time, because we wanted to avoid going out to crowded area.  Erika had a special gift this time from my sister. IT’s a Thomas the Train tricycle, a really cool one that she loves a lot! 🙂

She is very funny sometimes, she put the bucket over her head, she actually thought that it can become a hat, but somehow , her head was too small to ‘fit’ it, so, it becomes so funny with the bucket all over her head. (but she can walk with it, because she can look down the floor.)


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