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So happy (Sep 1, 2009)

November 1, 2009

I am so happy today…!

my dentist called me few seconds ago, and she spoke in Mandarin, the good thing is: She speaks slowly and I could understand everything. And she was so kind that she asked me if my wound has any more blood comes out?! I told her that there is none. 🙂 I am glad that the pain is almost none too. 🙂
how nice huh!

Then, she also asked if I have time to go back and remove the stitch on Sunday.  SHe is really kind, I mean, she called me directly instead of the receptionist.

This kind of service is really superb , isn’t it?

This morning, we took Erika to the hospital and did the ‘body check’ for her. OH, what a morning, first of all, she can’t eat anything but only drink water before the check up. She was soooo hungry and really cried out that she really wanted to eat something.

Then, after arriving the hospital, it’s crowded of kids and moms there, I am so glad that we have a relative helping me to search around and do the registration. OVerall she is quite good , but she is under weight (oh well, as usual).

Now , come to the hardest part: blood taking!! two tubes of blood! And she really ‘screamed’ while taking it… poor little girl! Oh well , almost every kid cried in that room, and they all cried as loud as possible. hahahhaa…  Poor kids.

Why doing this check up for ERika?

because we are planning to take her to the nursery center and they need us to do this check up before registration.  She is still young and I hope she will be ok to go to this nursery center.

will share more about this nursery center later.


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