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What a week! (Aug 24, 2009)

November 1, 2009

THe past week was so long.

Last Monday, I started to feel sick at night, and that time, Erika and I were in Hong Kong.

Then, on next day, we went back to Shenzhen, and I also bought some medicine from the pharmacy store to help curing my cold.

On Wed, Vincent took Erika to his mom’s place so that I can rest at home alone.

THen, on THu, Erika was sick, she had a fever and they took her the hospital (walk-in clinic). THe doctor said that she had an infection in her throat that caused the fever (38.9C). They gave her 4 different kinds of medicine !! I can’t believe it, she is only 2 years old, but needed to take ‘pills’? Poor little girl, every time we tried to feed her the medicine, she cried like crazy. Until the last few times, we could manage to play some ‘tricks’ to feed her without a drop of tear.

Finally, after two – three days of rest and medicine, she’s back to normal. For me, I am back to normal, but still have little stuffings in my nose and throat.

Now, It’s Vincent’s turn to get sick. He has a fever today, poor daddy, he must be too tired in the past few days, and too close to us.

Recently, I have a toothache too, I wish I can see a good dentist soon. Everyone knows how bad you feel when you have a toothache, can’t eat well, and not even talk well.

Honestly, I don’t really like the medical system here, it’s totally different, they don’t have private clinic here, but when you are sick, you have to go to the hospital first. ANd then wait for the doctor (you don’t know who you will see) and give you the medicine.

IN Canada, it’s so much more convenient, just make an appointment to your family doctor and then go there and see him…. I really miss the doctors there, they seem to be more reliable…..

I know that the medical system in Hong Kong is much better than ShenZhen, and some people did ask me why not go back to HK for the doctor appointment. Since ERika has a fever, we can’t take her to Hong Kong, it will spend us too much time for traveling. Which means she will suffer more from it.

When we are trying to adapting the life here, we have to accept the system here too.

I know. It’s not easy.

Now, I just hope that we can keep a good health here, eat well, sleep well, and be happy all the time.

Pray for us, please. 🙂


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