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The wedding day … being a flower girl

November 14, 2009

Special day for ERika –  to be a flower girl.

(I like this one the most, because she looks like the young me…) 


It’s kind of a fun day for her to be a flower girl for  a friend’s wedding.


She had a rehearsal on Sunday and then the wedding was held on Monday afternoon.

Wedding place: Outdoor, near the pool, W Hotel in HONG KONG. You know which floor is it? IT’s 76th!! It’s very high up the building!!
Weather : very very windy on the actual wedding day. I was so worried that ERika will catch a cold because of this windy weather. 




ON the rehearsal day, the little boy and ERika were doing quite good and cooperate. They look so cute, aren’t they ?

However, on the wedding day, the boy didn’t want to walk, and cry a bit before the ceremony. And finally he didn’t hand in hand with ERika…. so and he ran so fast that Erika had to walk behind him. I am so glad that Erika behaved so well, and mature enough to walk alone without any fear…. however, I couldn’t take the video from the front view… but, even though you watch her from the back,  she is still very cute. 🙂

The other flower girl is very cute too… here is the picture of them before the ceremony.

These pictures were taken inside the bride and groom’s hotel suite, a very cool hotel with a very nice sea view. 🙂 THere were at least 2 photographers there, and they kept taking pictures for her. I was very amazed that she wasn’t shy at all, and kept laughing and smiling to them.  What a cute girl, she might think that it’s her ‘big’ day. hahaha

(the above picture looks really like her daddy!!)

(If she can open the mouth this big in front of the dentist, it will be really great. 🙂 hahaha!! She was really excited when two photographers took pictures for her. hahaha)



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How sweet! I bet she had a lot of fun with that.


November 15, 2009

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