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Fun time with mom

December 3, 2009





(video clip: in the sand playground, a week ago) 




She plays, I knit. 🙂


在這個遊樂場的外面有一道很寬闊的橋(或平台)連接著幾個商場。那裡有她最愛的’燈柱裝飾’。其實是在宣傳一個將來2011年的活動。(2011, August 12 – 深圳大學生運動會開幕, 就是會於在我們家的外面的大工程 -- 大運會場!)

Erika saw a dog running, and she was pointing to it.
Erika’s official smile.





(very excited Erika!)

she loves to point the letters and numbers…

Purple light… 

Green light… 

Red light (I hate the most… )

She was really amazed to see those color changing light towers… 😀 

(The light towers…, it’s very beautiful. 🙂  )

Coastal City is the closest mall to our home, only 5 mins walking distance. 😀 

And .. did you see the “christmas tree”? I think that’s the ugliest one I have ever seen. hahhaha


I saw this purple flower on the way to the mall, it’s very nice… I love it. One thing that I really like here is that flowers are every where in the city… 




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