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In the happy valley

December 30, 2009

IN Shenzhen, there is a place for family entertainment. 

This is called “Happy Valley” , it’s built long long time ago, so, things are quite old now…

We went there a month ago, here are some pictures that we took inside the park.


ACtually, there aren’t so many things for small kids to play, the only thing that we took ERika to play is the  “turning mushroom” . She enjoyed it, and I had lots of fun with her inside the ‘mushroom’. 🙂

She wasn’t scared at all, I think she just enjoyed the turning. hahaha

(Erika wants to ‘control’ the wheel… see my face? very very anxious…! hahahah )

I like Erika’s face like that. hahaha

We didn’t take too many pictures because Erika felt asleep after about 30 mins in the park! haha,.. so, we just walked along the path inside the park, and let her sleep till lunch hour. 

This park would be more fun in Summer, because they have  a very big water fun area there. I think, may be we can take her to this place again in the summer, surely she loves to play inside the water! 



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Love your first picture! You have a smily face and she has a childish face! She’s looking more like you as she grown…what a pretty girl! I missed my kai-daughter huh!!!
Your family day sounds great and I hope you have a good memory to last forever. 😀


December 31, 2009

Haha, thanks for the compliments on our picture, but you know what, I found that I am really old in the pic. hahahahahaa
I just can’t accept that I am 30+ hahahahha
dear me!

Hmm, there are actually many happy moments, but I have to remind myself to keep track of them , so that we can look back the old happy days in the future. 😀


January 1, 2010

What a nice picture of you & Erika! She looks so much like you! That picture is definitely Frame-worthy! Print it if you haven’t yet!


February 16, 2010

thank you… I will try to frame it. 😀 hahaha


February 16, 2010

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