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December 30, 2009

Other projects on hands:

[1] Modern garden cardigan

yarn: Olympus Alpaca Concerto, Japanese yarn, it’s very soft and fast to knit. I love this a lot. Actually, some of the balls were frogged , but it still works very well. As a knitter, we don’t want to waste the good yarn, right?

needles: 5.0 mm

Pattern: THis pattern is actually designed for adult, but using very bulky weight yarn. I think Erika will look in this , so, I use finer yarn and needles, choose medium size in the pattern.

my feeling: so far so good, love the simple leaf designs on the body. THe pattern is written quite well, but the way she typed it out is not easy to read; because everything squeezes together in few pages… which is a bit messy.

[2] Cedar Leaf Shawlette

Yarn: Sundara Fingering merino silk, in orange color

needle: 3.75mm

feeling: I love this pattern a lot, how clever it is to do the leaf edging, that means no sewing is needed at the end. I am still working on the leaf edge, it shall not take too long for me to finish it off.  But, this orange is a bit too bright for me… oh well, all depends on what clothing I wear with it, right?

[3] Vine yoke cardigan

yarn: Madelinetosh tosh worsted, in dahlia, 4 skeins

needles: 5.5mm

feeling: Many people loves this cardigan, and for myself, I like it,  I found that the pattern is very well written , and very easy to follow. With very neat charts and blanks for you to fill in the numbers for your size. IT’s really cool!  I hope I will finish it soon, but, I still need more time and patient to do that. Sometimes, I like to knit things for Erika, because it’s much faster to see the result & Needs LESS yarn. hahaha

[4] So called scarf… still putting it aside,… it’s quite boring to do one pattern every two rows… ah!!  I need time to do this boring pattern….  Since my free time is very limited, I do want to knit something interesting….

[5] OWL… I love this a lot, but it looks smaller than expected, So, I need to rip if off and do it again..URGH!!!

[6] Dream in color shrug, I love this a lot, however, still on the side….

[7] Kary… WHere is it?  It’s a little top for Erika, it’s almost done on the body section, but it’s for spring / summer,… probably I will pick up the needles again in the early spring.  RIght now, I want to knit something warmer. 🙂


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Love your new projects, Lillian! They’re looking good and I adore the Sundara yarn too. I am actually thinking using the same one for the Cedar leaf! Do you think two skeins is more than enough? Very pretty choice!


December 31, 2009

If I were you, I will use the Sundara aran instead of the fingering merino, cuz it will be ‘bigger’ the size and thicker.
You have two skeins of those Sundara aran, right? Try them. 🙂
YOu will addict to Sundara!! 😀



January 1, 2010

Do you live in China?


January 5, 2010

Yes, I am in CHINA now. 🙂
(5 months from the day I landed here… )


January 5, 2010

好看, 幾件織着的都好看 ~
同時開工幾件 ~ 都是織女的通病吧 ~
Olympus 的綫, 手感都很不錯 ~
您在那兒買的 ?
樂天网站在做著特價 ~


January 17, 2010

Can’t wait to see those projects done! I love the Cedars Leaves Shawlette, want to make one for myself as well! And Owls is so cute. I love the detail in the sweater!


February 16, 2010

I can’t wait to see my projects done too.. but seems like, I have to wait until Erika goes to school, then, I will have more free time to knit.
I love the Cedars leaves shawlette, but the edge part is quite time consuming (for me) … 🙂


February 16, 2010

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