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Nice decorations..

February 17, 2010

I really love the decorations in Hong Kong’s malls.

They are very creative and every year is different!

Here is the one near my parents in law’s home (Dung Chung Citygate outlet mall)

And then, one day (the new year eve) we went to IFC mall, and we saw these three big figures (福祿壽), they are so huge… and they move like roly-poly toy. Very cute!

Erika was so excited that night, because many people held cameras and she thought that people was taking pictures for her.  She kept making different poses for those people. hahaha.

funny girl!

At the same night, we had a dinner in a very famous Chinese Restaurant (Lei Garden); the food was very yummy and we were so full…

(That night, only 4 of us enjoyed this dinner, because my parents were in Canada, and my parents in law were in SHenzhen. )

Here is another mall – Harbour City, Tsim Sha CHui. IT’s a chocolate festival!

There are many chocolate decoration there.

Erika was holding the chocolate syrup… (of course, it’s plastic sculpture) ; but ERika loved this so much. hahaha

Erika kept moving (too excited), it’s so hard to focus on her.

Here is the Chocolate bar seat.

Erika met a friend in a mall, and she was so kind to share a cookie for a little girl (3 years old)

it’s fun!

In another mall called K11, she blew the bubbles..


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That’s a huge chocolate bar!

Kids are so cute together when they make friends!


February 17, 2010

So cute! HK has pretty decorations and yummy food. I can tell you and Erika enjoyed it very much!
Thanks for sharing…I missed you two a lot!!!


March 6, 2010

Oh, you must love the mall K11 – it’s so pink – your favourite colour!!!! Even the shopping bag beside Erika’s PINK!


March 6, 2010

I love the malls in HK too, different decoration each year at every festival. Just gorgeous!! I used to take photos of the pretty decor too. Oh, I miss HONG KONG!!


March 15, 2010

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