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so much fun to test knit

August 10, 2010

Recently, I helped test knit for few designers, and it’s so much fun.

First, I can try the NEW patterns, even though they may have mistakes, but, it’s still exciting.

Second, I must finish them in a certain time frame, so, it’s really good to train myself to finish  a project one by one.

Third, it’s just FUN!!

I finished two test knits for  Child’s knits. (Ruched cardigan and the 70’s dress) :

the cardigan was made for Erika’s buddy,

and the dress was for Erika.

I also finished two shawls, one is Impulse using Cashmere by Posh yarn,

:: posh yarn – Sophia (2 ply)

Can I tell how much I love this yarn? IT’s extremely light because it’s cashmere, and it’s extremely fine.

I still remembered the pain that I wound the yarn into a cake, it was split into three different balls at the end.

I was quite disappointed for that, but, by the end I finish the shawl, I didn’t even need to touch the second ball. Just 0.4 of the whole skein of yarn. It’s a tiny shawl, but looks very gorgeous with the dropped stitches.

and the other is “One skein Tri shawl” by Michelle.

I love her shawl designs, esp with the beautiful edges. 🙂

:: Habu Cashmere, this is another light and soft yarn …  This time, the yarn is more sturdy than the Posh’s cashmere, I don’t know why , but, I am more comfortable to knit with this, because I won’t be afraid that I will break the yarn while knitting with it. (or may be I already got the experience of how fragile the cashmere is, so, the second time I knit with cashmere, I knit with more care…. )

I love the lace part in the middle, it’s not complicated at all, and the beautiful dropped stitches ‘like’ edge is just gorgeous. However, I made few mistakes but hid them well in my pictures. hahaha

right now, in this moment, I really love knitting the shawls, esp the Triangular shapes, they are so fast to finish.  I am going to start another one for my mom. Finally, I knit one for my mom. Last time I knit her a shawl should be almost  6-7 years ago.. ! Now, I am going to use the Seasilk for the pattern Haruni. This shawl is quite popular and I think it’s not so hard to knit.

Since this shawl is not a test knit, it’s not a rush project.

I actually promised to help Veera to test knit her new top, but, I am still waiting for the yarn from a Ravelry fellow.  I hope I can receive them by the end of this week, or beginning of next week. Then, I can start it soon.

After this test knit, I will concentrate on designing my own patterns, I hope I can publish at least one shawl pattern in coming September. 🙂

Wish me good luck! 🙂


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Lovely! ❤


August 11, 2010

Wow, this is really some lovely work. I love the color of that last shawl!


August 16, 2010

red cardigan look fantastic! and the model so cute…


August 20, 2010

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