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I sew again

September 3, 2010

I sew a little skirt for Erika today.

The story is like this: she started school on Thu, but she cried in the morning because she didn’t want to wear the uniform and the short pants, she wanted to wear skirt instead.

I told her that she couldn’t wear those to school.. she cried.. and cried..

So today , I sew her a new skirt with the fabric that I bought 2 years ago in Canada. I am glad that it didn’t take me too long for this skirt, only about 2-3 hours (I made little mistake in the middle and needed to redo some parts) ….

it’s kind of fun and fast.  Sometimes, I love sewing because you can choose whatever fabric you like, for knitting, you can choose the yarn and stitch patterns, they are both fun and creative. 🙂

For the fabric that I used for this skirt is linen, it looks quite shiny though, I don’t know why it has a sheen on it ?!

Erika loves it a lot… 😀

I used elastic band for the waist section, surely she can wear it till she is 4 or even 5.. hahaha


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It’s a sweet skirt. The story about school is so touching. I hope she gets used to the shorts.


September 3, 2010

thank you, Erin.
I do hope that she will get used to the shorts, as well as the food and meal there, she used to drink COLD milk at home, but now, they only offer ‘warm’ milk in the school which she really hates… 😦 But then, because she drank too less fluid, I am afraid that she will dehydrate or something.. 😦


September 3, 2010

What a beautiful skirt. You’re getting so good at it too! 2-3 hours you can finish one skirt. As for knitting, 2-3 hour is probably finished calculating the gauge and swatch!

You should sew more….they’re beautiful and quick!


September 3, 2010

Thank you , Angel. you are right, knitting consumes soooo much more time , but it has a different look if compare with the sewing.
but,sewing can be quite interesting, you can even recycle your closet, like, if there is any clothe/ dress that you don’t want to wear anymore, you can cut the fabric and make a new garment for Erika… cool. 😀


September 4, 2010

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