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After parent’s night…

October 13, 2010

My daughter entered kindergarten this year, and I was so glad that she didn’t have the fear or worry when she goes to school. I was so proud of her that she didn’t even cry when parted from me. In the first two weeks, she was perfectly fine, but then, she got sick in the 3rd week of school. I started to worry, even though I knew that it’s normal to be sick once a while after the kids go to school. I was very impressed that the teachers called me and asked about my daughter’s situation. I did not expect their calls, but they did it and I felt so warm and supported.


After almost more than a week, she was fully recovered and went back to school again, however, she started crying when she had to go into the school with the teachers. I knew that she needed some time to adjust it. Thank to all the teachers being so patient on her so that she could smiled again shortly.


When someone asked my daughter, ‘do you like to go to school?’ She will reply, ‘yes, I like.’ I am so glad that she didn’t complain anything about school. I am sure that she is enjoying the time with the classmates and teachers there.


The influence of the teachers are so big to the small kids, if they smile more, the kids will do the same. If the teachers speak softly, the kids will also speak quietly. Whatever the teachers do, they will just follow without a question.


Having a foreign teacher in our class is really a bonus, they can learn to speak English with correct pronunciation and tones. At the same time, the kids can also observe the differences between the East and West.  Not just the differences of the languages, but also the colors of the skin, eyes, hairs; the attitude and overall presentations.


Before the parents’ night, all the parents were wondering what the kids do at school, did they eat well? Did they sleep well? Did they behave well? What did they learn from the school? There were so many question marks in our brains and felt like having ants in our pants. Thanks to all the teachers who prepared so many materials and pictures to show us the answers!


From the presentations and discussions, we knew that the kids were doing very well at school. There might be several problems for individual kids on daily personal care, eating habits and learning progress, but we knew that the kids can fix them soon in the short future. We were so impressive to see how much effort the teacher put in the class. Their patient, kindness, and caring to all the kids are magnificence.


My daughter learned how to share by taking her books from home to school. She was first asking me why we brought all those books to school, weren’t they hers? I told her that the teacher wanted us to share the books to others. And she can also read other friends’ books at school as well. She then said, ‘ok….’ After a few days of school, she came back home and told me with a sad tone, ‘mom, today, someone took “my George Monkey” book , and didn’t allow me to read. I am so sad.’ Poor girl, she thought that the book will never be returned to her. I said, ‘no worry, they just want to read it, and they are happy to read it because it is a fun book. How nice would it be to share the happiness with others? And, my dear, this book is yours, and the teacher will return it to you one day.’ She then stepped into her bedroom joyfully, and said, ‘Mom, I am going to pick few more books and bring them to school, I want other kids to read them, they are so funny!’  The little girl learned how to share her favourite things to others.  I have to say thanks to the teacher for this ‘library’ idea. Because of this idea, my daughter learns to be humble and have a giving heart to share hers to others.


I think the biggest change for my daughter after schooling is: she loves singing a lot. She always sings, ‘one little finger, one little finger, tap! Tap! Tap!…’ and she can continue to sing up to ‘five fingers’. She also sings quite a lot of Chinese songs as well. Since Mandarin is not her first language (she used to speak in Cantonese at home) so, she is still having some trouble to express herself fully in Mandarin. I am glad that the teachers in the class are being so patient to teach her to speak up more and encourage her to express whatever she wants.


She also learned how to care her classmates and friends, remember one day she went out with me for grocery shopping. She pointed to some candies, and said, ‘mom, can we buy one package of candies and then share some to Dora and my classmates?’ I said, ‘of course, you can!’ When we were in the bookstore, she picked some books and then asked, ‘mom, can we buy these books? I like to read this, and I think Dora will love this too…’ She started to think of others and not just herself. It’s so nice for her to go to school and meet new friends. Her little world is expanding and she is learning how to care others by doing little things.


Sometimes, my daughter came to me and told me how much she likes the teachers. One day she told me how much she loves Ms Zhang because she gave her treats when she did well, and also love the stories she told.


She told me how much she loves Ms. Wong because she helps her to do the hair braiding, and always holds her hands to walk. I can see that she loves cuddling and body touch.


When taking a shower at home, she suddenly said, ‘I love Ms Ye because she fed me lunch (she still needed to be fed!!) and told me a story before my nap.’ The kids are small but they knew how cares about them with true hearts.


When she was reading at home, she flipped the pages and said, ‘round round round… stop!’ I was wondering which book she was reading with those words? But then she said, ‘ha, I am Mingis! Mingis did this to us today… Round .. round … STOP! Ha ha ha~~ (she even imitated his laughing voice!) ‘I like Mr. Mingis, he is so funny, and loves laughing a lot!’ Then, she put her finger on my nose and made a sound ,’beep!’ She then laughed out loud and said, ‘That’s what Mingis did on his nose, so funny!’   It’s so grateful to have a funny teacher in her class, this would make the whole class with enjoyment and laughs. He would make funny faces to the kids to make them happy, and drew many cute pictures to teach them vocabularies.  I am sure that every kids love him because of his active, happy character.


Words can’t really express what I think in my heart, what I want to say is: I am very impressed of what the teachers did in our class, and really want to hug them now to show my appreciation and support. Keep it up teachers, you are all doing a great job!



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