Craft Lover

Craft Lover

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Isn’t it nice?

April 3, 2011

Being back to Canada is so good, especially I can access to facebook, and wordpress again! In China, I have no way to access to these two sites that I missed a lot of chances to keep in touch with my buddies.

With a new start here, I changed the style of my blog, and I really love this new theme: Shelf.

Hopefully I can add more new pictures, videos in here to share our happy moments (or may be some awful ones?!) with all my friends here. 🙂

After a week of adjusting the jet lag with Erika, we are now ready to search some preschool classes or programs for her. I think she is getting bored to stay home all day long, and it’s good for her to meet some new friends out there.

For myself, I may go back to find some new piano students, or shall I get a part time job or something? I am still thinking about it. For Knitting, I really want to pick up the needles again, but no rush, I better settle down things for Erika first, and then I can knit more good stuffs.

The yarn destash sale is going pretty well, seems like the people are now very careful on spending money, probably the economy in the States is really bad that the people are not very willing to pay the high postage. I may need to move my yarn sale to ebay for more luck.

Wish me good luck, I really want to get rid of the yarn , not because they are not good anymore, it’s just because that I don’t want to waste them, as I know that I would never able to knit them all.

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Welcome back! 🙂


April 4, 2011

hehe, so nice to read your blog everyday! 🙂 🙂
How about re-open your Etsy shop?


April 4, 2011

Oh my gosh, Sherry, you can read my mind!! I was thinking about reopen my etsy shop, and thinking may be I will make some handmade rubber stamps, (I can’t do sewing this time, because I dont’ have a sewing machine in Toronto) …. haha seems like this is a good idea huh!!


April 4, 2011

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