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Summer starts from here… HONG KONG (1)

July 14, 2011

Did I ever tell you how hot can it be in HONG KONG???
We were in HONG KONG around May – June, and it’s so hot that Erika’s hair is always soak with sweat!!
but it’s a great trip, it’s short, but meaningful.

We met Daddy again, since he works in CHINA/HONG KONG, and he did not come back to Toronto with us in March, so, we missed him quite a lot. Erika treated him as a teddy bear and always hugged him tight!!

We got a chance to meet up some old and new friends, and also got a good news that we will move from Shenzhen to Hong Kong soon. Because we will rent a place in HONG KONG instead of SHENZHEN. We found that it’s much more convenient for my husband’s work, and the life style is much easier to handle than in Shenzhen.

At home , she loved to paint , draw and color, this was a big change in her stage. She used to love to play toys, puzzles…

and now, she is able to sit down for a longer time to paint,draw and color.

She also loves to take pictures too, whenever she finds anywhere she wants to take a picture, she will ask me to use the iphone and help to take a good shot for her!

Inside my sister’s apartment, they have a club house for kids to play, and she loves big circle thing!! 🙂

She had a very nice , short hair cut in Hong Kong, this picture was taken after the cut, and sitting in a very stylish chair located at a mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. Inside the malls, or indoors, the air conditioning is very chilling, just like walking into a big fridge!!




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wow, so nice to hear about your life in HK, and Erika is very cute, especially the taking picture part…haha…I think living in HK will be better than Shenzhen!

Sherry Xie

July 14, 2011

yeah, for sure better than in SZ!!! 🙂
will share more pictures in the next post!


July 14, 2011

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