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Craft Lover

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November 10, 2011

Recently, I fall in love with making Macaron!!
They are so cute the shape, and very yummy too.

I tried to make the chocolate Macaron for the 1st time, and it was quite successful, only that the shell was a bit flattened.
For Second time, I was trying to make the Pistachio & Almond macaron, but failed, I think I folded the batter for too long which ruined the whole batch of macaron. I was quite disappointed ….


Last night, I tried again, and made the Matcha macaron, this time, it’s successful! (Hooray!)
I love Matcha a lot, but still think that this time, the taste of Matcha is a bit too strong that it is a bit bitter!!


Next time, if I am going to make this again, I will not use Green tea Ganache, I will use Chocolate ganache which may lighten the taste of matcha. 🙂



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Very cute! Should be tasty too? haha..
How’s life going with you ur?

Sherry Xie

November 10, 2011

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