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December 17, 2011

Winter is the best season for knitting, just because your hands feel so warm to hold the yarn and knit something warm for friends and families.

I promised my friends to make some knitted items for their Christmas Gifts, and I almost got them all done.

I was addicted to knit the hats because they were super fast projects that you only need one or two days to finish them off.

This was the 3rd hearts hat that I made so far, it’s super easy for me now.

And I made a ROBOT hat for one of the boys.

I need to make one more for his brother, but I will use the Orange for Main color and blue is the contrast one.
so that they won’t mix up the hats easily. 🙂

In the past week, I spent two weeks to work on some knitted Owls and hearts for fun raising in our church. Those two weeks were really my funniest , happiest crafty weeks ever!!
I worked so fast on all the projects and sold them all!! 🙂

Besides knitting, I also made some origami earrings and hand painted some bags as well (I bought the bag from Dollar shop ,oh well, they were $2 each instead of $1 (why they call Dollar shop then?)  )  So much fun!!


Also some bakery stuffs, the cake pops and Coffee Almond Cookies (packed in the paper bag with felted hearts)


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you’ve been busy! such amazing projects you have been working on! i absolutely LOVE the robot hat- so cute!


December 18, 2011

thank you Lynn, I actually did visit your store on Fri.. but you weren’t there.
I recently addicted to Cascade 220, it’s so great to knit for hats!!
I hope the kids will love the robot hats… and hopefully won’t be too ‘warm’ for them (you know ,the kids actually don’t really like to wear hats…)


December 19, 2011

wow, very busy month so far. I love doing crafts and cooking at home during winter as well! Very relaxing…:)

Sherry Xie

December 19, 2011

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