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small knits

January 9, 2012


It’s great to knit small things, because they are fast projects. And sounds more ‘efficient’ . 🙂

During December, my knitting speed is slow , not because of any problem for my hands, it’s just because all of us in the family were sick with cold. we spent almost the holiday on resting at home and knit less.

I wish I can knit more in the coming months here,  I don’t know if I will have the chance to knit that much after moving back to Hong Kong in summer this year.


hmm, I am going to miss the life in Canada again. 😦

The last hat that I did is this Howlcat, it’s very special style because you can use it as a cowl, or a hat ; I love it. 🙂
And because it’s double layers for the hat, it’s so warm.


I also make two donuts, they are just so cute.

I recently love the Cascade 220 wool yarn a lot, because it’s so useful for making hats and small stuffs like the donuts.  i’ve lots of left over from the previous hats, and they are just perfect for making the donuts and cupcakes (small toys)

I am working on Entrelac scarf now for Erika. I love entrelac knitting, it’s lots of fun, and the yarn I am using is the Zauberball, in Rainbow color, it’s so nice to see the color changing, just like Noro, but this is so much softer than Noro yarn which is good for kids, I guess…



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Love your small knits! Good idea, that cowly hat! 😉


January 10, 2012

Yes, it was a very smart pattern, I really enjoyed knitting this hat and couldn’t wait to try it on!!


January 13, 2012

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