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my little plan for 2012

January 13, 2012

I love to plan ahead, but, you never if they will work out or not, because your plan has to rely on what’s going on in your life.

There are many unexpected things come out in our lives that we can’t control. But no matter what, plan ahead is still good.

I planned to knit more goodies for friends. Why not knit something for myself ? (some of friends did ask me before) I think the reason that I knit less for myself is: I already have enough of things to wear or own, but I do enjoy the moment of knitting. So, why not knit something for my friends? I know that they have enough too, but I just want to give and care.

Or may be I will knit or make something for the people who actually need them.

I also plan to clear up some of my stash…. again? yeah, I don’t think I have time to knit after moving back to HONG KONG, so, really don’t want to waste them,  and I can use the little money to do something else in the future.
So, it’s time to take some pictures for my lovely stash, and sell them off.

I still have lots of knitting books, who want them?
I want to sell them in ebay, but seems like no one like to pay for the heavy shipping cost (very reasonable, they can always get something better with free shipping out there, why try mine? ) I even tried to post them in, but still no one ask for them.  What can I do with them?? Donate them to the library?

I want to crochet more stuffed toys too, as I think they are really great gifts for kids, or cute adults. 🙂
also think about creating some new crafts for selling in  I want to sell not because of money issue, it’s because I want to do something that I like. I like making crafts, but if someone out there loves my crafts and buy them from me, it is certainly very encouraging. That encouragement actually helps to build up my power to make more crafts… it’s a good cycle!!

The last but not the least, keep doing exercises regularly…. !! 🙂 I want a better health too.

(of course, the list of plans for 2012 isn’t that short, but for the rest of them, …hehe… won’t share here, as I think no one want to know them…. )



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Love your plan! also blog more ur!

Sherry Xie

January 13, 2012

thank you Sherry, you know what, I was really lazy to update my blog, but it’s actually one of my plans in 2012, UPDATE THE BLOG more often.
thanks for reminding me, sherry… 😀 hahaha


January 13, 2012

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