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Sequins fun

March 7, 2012

I love Sequins, and so does Erika.

So, I bought some cheap sequins from the dollar shops, as well as some foam hearts and eggs.
Then, went to walmart to get some fine pins (27mm long) for decorating the foams.

20120307-132553.jpgWe firstly tried to decorate a heart, it’s not easy at all, because the pins will easily pass through another side which will hurt our fingers and hands. So, I taught Erika to be very careful the ‘angle’ she chose to pin the sequin on the foam. She is only 4.5 years old, but I am quite amazed that she got my idea and instructions. And she did do a very good job on it.

WE spent a long time to make ONE single piece of heart. Because we tried to decorate the whole foam with sequins

Our next project will be decorate the eggs. I painted them with some pearl colors for the base , and then decorate with sequins, or ribbons for the eggs. This way, we don’t need to pin the whole egg with sequins because we already have the colored base.

I am sure that Erika will love this crafts a lot, as she really loves sequins. She loves sparkling stuffs a lot. šŸ˜€




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