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Doily designed by 河合真弓

March 18, 2012

I love crochet , but don’t like the side effect of it : shoulder, arm pains….

I really have to be careful when I crochet, I can’t do it more than 30 mins, must take a rest in between of it.

But, I am glad that I can make a doily in one day.

This is a doily designed by Mayumi Kawai (河合真弓), I love his design a lot , lots of pretty lace patterns for doilies, small embellishments, accessories..

I bought this book from, they are willing to ship internationally (by DHL!!). The best thing is: this publisher was authorized to reprint the Japanese version to Chinese ones, with a super cheaper price!! And this book was a combination of 2 or 3 books together! Which is really a good deal!! Because it’s translated to Chinese, I can fully understand everything inside! How nice!


I chose this doily as a practicing purpose, but then, I found that the result was pretty good enough to be a gift. so, I am going to gift this to my aunt who is now living in Australia. She is actually very experienced in knitting and crocheting, but she always makes things for families and friends, however, none for herself. So, why not make something for her and cheer up her day?

I hope she will love it. 🙂


My next cute project may be the ones shown on the above picture, aren’t they cute? They are supposedly to be very tiny , and great for ear rings… want to crochet them for some cute girls… 😀



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