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Silhouette Shawl & Ava Tunic

March 21, 2012

I am now having two projects on needles, one is a shawl for my aunt, and the other one is the Ava Tunic for Erika.

First of all , the Silhouette, this is a very lacy, airy shawl that I really adored in Ravelry’s latest patterns. My mom said that the Haruni looks so much better and elegant. Yes, I do agree with her, but, I do want to try ‘new patterns’ sometimes, and I think this airy lacy shawl looks good on my aunt too. This pattern is certainly easier than the Haruni, less charts to follow and not so easy to make mistakes too.

I am using my beloved Seasilk for this shawl, I really adore the smell of the seasilk, whenever I knit with it, I really don’t want to put it down!! I am already on 1st repeat of the lace pattern, I am sure that I will be able to finish it before April, so that I can mail this beautiful shawl to my Aunt for her coming Birthday in April. πŸ™‚

Ava Tunic, I love this pattern a lot because it’s so colorful. Of course, it’s really depends on what colors you choose . I was trying to grab the very vivid rainbow colors for her, however, I finally decided to choose this ECO BABY by Debbie bliss, it’s so soft the cotton and I like its pastel colorway too. I hope the colors that I chose is a good combination for Erika. She is quite picky sometimes .. haha
I only have 5 colors right now, and seems like I shall get one or two more colors to make it more colorful. May be I shall drop by Mary’s Yarn again this afternoon….

Did I mention how much I love this Ava Tunic pattern? I love it’s button hole design at the back of the tunic, very carefully measured and designed. Also I love the centered increase and decrease methods that she introduced too. It is really neat.

I am sure that Erika will love it, and So Do I…

Again, I wish they have an option for “ADULT SIZE” too….however, they don’t . And probably it doesn’t look that great on adults… πŸ˜€ hhaha



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Nice! The tunic must be very colorful. I haven’t knitted the seasilk I bought from you, haha…I should do it soon!

Sherry Xie

March 21, 2012

you should try the seasilk, it’s so good!!
The tunic is fun to knit, but I found that I am actually feeling ‘good’ to knit fingering weight, rather than heavier weight, it’s less energy consuming… πŸ™‚


March 21, 2012

So beautiful! I love them both!


March 22, 2012

thank you Lynn. πŸ™‚


March 22, 2012

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