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Second hand? BE GREEN!!

March 27, 2012

Do you mind Second hand stuffs??

Some people don’t like second hand stuffs because they don’t know if they are clean, or reliable, or complete ?!  
For me, I do accept second hand things as long as they are still functional, and clean.

Pros for using second hand stuffs:

1) cheaper than buying a new one

2) if they are toys, it’s good because kids usually won’t play a toy for ages, so, it’s good to play second hand…

3) if they are kids’ clothing, I think this is a great idea to save up money, they grow up too fast and it doesn’t worth to buy too many new clothes, and sometimes, the second hand ones are still very durable, clean and stylish (if you or your kids really care about this.) 

4) save the environment, stay GREEN!!!

5) if you keep them in good condition, you can sell them again.. (I always do that!) 

6) it works for “HARD TO FIND”,  ” DISCONTINUED” stuffs….

7) also save up your time to shop for a new one, have you ever try to find something that you need to travel few shops to get one? I tried to type what I need in, and found it!! Esp kids’ book, really save up my time and money.


1) they may be dirty, broken…, you tell about it

2) ….. expired… (like carseats…)

….. just need to be careful to check everything before you buy or use the second hand products….

I can see that there are many good sides to use the second hand stuffs, so, save the Earth, be Green, say YES to second hand stuffs!! 🙂



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