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One of a kind show – so so….

March 28, 2012

This morning, I went to One of a Kind Show with my mom (got free tickets from my aunt).

it’s disappointing…. , we didn’t get anything from there, I mean, there are some good stuffs, and really attractive to me.

But the price is really too much for those things. I know that we should support the Artists, but , somehow, when you think of the materials, the work, seems like they don’t worth that much.

anyway, it’s good to take a walk there, but I am looking forward to the Knitters’ Frolic or Creative Festival more….


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hehe, yah…they are expensive. When I went there, I did not expect to buy anything, but just to enjoy other people’s hand made products.

Sherry Xie

March 29, 2012

haha, I totally forgot that it’s a ONE OF A KIND SHOW, i mixed up with the Creative Festival one, that one has many crafty materials, tools and ideas …and this one, it’s a place for displaying all the beautiful Arts. So, it’s for appreciating more than SHOPPING. 🙂


March 29, 2012

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