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Craft Lover

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May 24, 2012

when you are ‘addicted’ into crafts making, you will know how much time you spend on them. Knitting/Crocheting is quite time consuming, and it also draw lots of energy and training on your arm/fingers muscles too…. I had this problem in the past few months. I was pushing myself to finish a hat for my friend who was having chemo. And then after I finished it, my arms, shoulders and fingers did hurt a lot. It’s crazy. I really had to put them needles down and rest for a period of time until I have courage to to pick up the needles again.

What a pity.
BUt, knitting is a hobby, why push myself to the dead end?

That’s why I switched my ‘hobby’ to origami (paper folding), it’s also time consuming (oh well… depends what model you are making…) and buying decent paper is quite expensive too. It’s all about choices, we can always use whatever we have on hand with a good budget. 🙂   I love origami because it will train my ‘patience’ to work on one thing at a time. (I seldom fold few things at a time, unlike knitting, I have lots of WIPs!!!) And Origami is challenging, you may not able to finish it because it can be really difficult and get stuck in the middle of the instructions. It’s really a headache when you get stuck and ask no one for help…….

I did find a origami  community, but this is not as decent as Ravelry (for sure!!) , it’s so much harder to search for what you want to see ….

Other than origami, another hobby that I love is Photography. I am not an expert in this area, but I certainly love to capture beautiful things.

Here are some of them:

Keep my long story short, I just had my gall bladder removal surgery on 4th of May, and it ran really well, the pain only last for a week, and now it’s almost 99% recovered. Thanks God!!

And we (erika and I) will go back to HONG KONG to meet up my husband again. WE will go back there for good (for sure) and Erika will start her ‘tough’ education over there. Poor girl, she will know how much the school here if compare with the ones in Hong Kong. She may really find that the teachers are all monsters @ schools. 😛 hahaha.. Just kidding.

We will have a garage sale next Sat to sell off her toys and stuffs.
I may have some more knitting books/magazines/yarn for selling too.

Email me if you want to know more about this garage sale.



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Good to know you are recovering well. Aiya, going back for good, for sure tim….-_- will miss you!

Sherry Xie

May 24, 2012

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