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Life is always so busy

March 13, 2013

I can’t believe how busy I can be after moving back to Hong Kong since last June, 2012.
My daughter started her new school here with all the difficult Chinese writing. She did complain that it’s hard to remember the strokes and the forms of the Chinese characters, but after few months practices, she was feeling better and started to love Chinese writing.
I am glad that she still loves to read English books, and that will also help her to maintain a good habit (and hobby).

I didn’t knit for a long time since moving back to HK, but I started something easier and less time consuming – rubber stamp carving.  It’s so much fun, and I always dream that I can make more for selling in etsy.

Here are some work that I’ve done so far.

handmade by Lillian

handmade by Lillian


carving a stamp for myself


Not so bad huh…


I wanted to make something different for “HANDMADE”….


Special request from my aunt , to make a stamp for her homemade bakery products.


THis was a drawing from my friend Erik, and I helped him to make the stamp out of it. It’s a very enjoyable collaboration with him. 🙂


I was practicing to carve the curve lines, not as easy as I though….


I love roses…


An Allium…


First time to carve with Chinese Characters.


another work of a rose


Another drawing from my friend Alex, it’s so much details that it was very challenging for me. 🙂


loving birds inside the cage




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