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Shall keep this going

January 30, 2015

I have put down this blog for a very long time.
I was thinking to terminate this account, but when I read the old posts, I changed my mind.

I actually regret that I stopped to write in the past few years, and Erika already grew up like  a big girl!!
She is now 7.5 years old, and there are so many good memories in the past few years. I shall wrote them all down to keep them refreshing from time to time.

I also did some knitting and other crafts in these years, however, I was so lazy to post them here. Instead of using the wordpress, I use Facebook more than anything else. Probably we people are becoming lazy and lazy from time to time.

I wish I can keep this blog going…. from now on!!

erika wish school uniform

This is Erika with her school uniform (in winter), she is wearing a Japanese style backpack which is good for kids’ backs. 🙂

Education in HK is tough: lots of homework, activities. Does Erika enjoy the school here?
I think yes, but not enjoying the homework load.



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Welcome back!!! I am so glad….hehehe…I can’t wait to see your crafting projects…

Sherry Xie

January 31, 2015

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