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Beading fun

August 27, 2015 , , , , ,

I havn’t post for a long time , and in these months, I tried something new in my life.

I used to hold needles to knit and crochet, but never touch with beads. At first, I browsed over the internet and found many pretty beaded purses. I told myself to find a teacher to teach me how to make one.

In Hong Kong, it is not easy to find handcraft teacher, but finally I found one introduced by my friend.
I made something like this in the following:

11148421_10155537318110058_1352972360790498366_o a little coin purse for Erika

10947432_10155457307965058_1167263337392704969_o A bigger coin purse for my mom.

11119426_10155617333825058_5280076318022099491_o A slightly smaller coin purse for myself using Japanese delica metallic beads. They look really gorgeous!

It was fun, but it really took some time to thread the beads! And it did hurt my hands when crocheting with beads.
So,  I knew that I could not do this too frequently.

Then, I found another kind of beading craft, this time, I just use beads and thread without crochet hook.

Peyote beading is so interesting, and I found that I can make lots of jewelries with this method!
It was also my first chance to touch those Japanese delica beads! Wow, they look so delicate and I could not believe that they were made of glass!!  Their prices are expensive but worth!

I bought some in HK (luckily I found a store with a good price and they even had the whole collection of it! ) , and started to bead.  I first started to make a simple ring with a heart design for my daughter.

Then I taught my little one to make one for herself (And she did it! Awesome!).


A bracelet and ring for myself!

Right now, I am working on geometric beading with the pattern help from Jean Power book.
Her design is really ‘powerful’ ! 🙂

I hope I can finish this off by September!

my dad also made me a beading loom in his wood workshop, and I am still designing a pattern to make a bracelet with it!  It is really “FUN” to play with beads.
Japanese Delica beads are special cylinder shape beads and they are almost identical for each one.  Their prices are different with colors and made, so, we have to be really careful to choose which one you like!

I wish I can make more and sell them in my etsy store. 🙂

beading pattern design software free download here:

Jean power : 
check out her design and books, I bought one of her digital beading book, really good!
another helpful geometric beading site, I also bought their digital books there too. Save the trees! 🙂 


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