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About me


This is my new English blog about myself.

I used to have a Chinese blog to record my life, my thinking, my craft, my knitting… etc.

But, I also want to meet some new friends all around the world who doesn’t know how to read Chinese. So, I tried to move my knitting articles to this blog, and hope to share with others.

Of course, at the same time, I would like other knitters share their great ideas with me.

Besides Knitting, I also like crocheting, needlework (embroidery), scrapbooking, and paper folding (Origami).

I also love photography, and like to capture what I see, what I make and what I cook too.

Welcome to read my blog and feel free to leave few words here!


On June 21st, 2007, my daughter Erika was born!!
I am so happy to have her in my life, although it is quite tough for baby caring, but her existence just makes our life more colorful and joy. 🙂



What do you think?

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You are a very talented knitter. Glad to see you blogging in English! Check out our site when you get a chance!


March 9, 2007

Congratulation!My dear friend~
I am your supporter ..forever..
Can I comment with chinese character?


March 9, 2007

Hi Knittingbitches,
thanks for the compliment!

Hi Sandy, My dear friend,
You are welcome to my new blog. 🙂
And you are surely welcome to use CHINESE here, I can read it. 😀


March 10, 2007

Hi Lilian,
I was going to reply your comment about the habu scarf kit but was unable to find your email add. Anyways, I hope you do not mind I leave message here. I actually got the kit from stitches west. But I know & in oregon also carry the same yarn with different color combination. You can also order directly through habu site by calling their 1-800 number. Hope this helps and if you have other questions, feel free to email me.

By the way, I love all the pictures on your blog. They are so beautiful and well shot. Happy knitting!!


April 4, 2007

I think your knitting is so beautiful and I can tell you are into photography because the pictures on your blog are so crisp and clear. Wish I could do that.
When you have time please come visit my new blog. I knit, sew and make other crafts 🙂


April 4, 2007

I just discovered your beautiful blog today. You are very talented. I think we have alot in common after looking reading your blog.
I love to knit and embroider. I also love to take nature photos especially of flowers.
You wont believe this but my youngest daughter was also born on June 21st but in 2003. Her name is Victoria Rose. I also have an older daughter who is 12 named Megan Chloe.
I have bookmarked your blog so I can catch up on all your past blogging. Enjoy your new baby.


July 19, 2007

Erika is BEAUTIFUL and your photos show her just right. I’m wondering where you found the pattern for her darling cabled bib. I would love to make this for my new first grandchild. Looking forward to watching some more of your beautiful knitting.

Auntie Carrot

July 29, 2007



February 29, 2008


Je suis de Sherbrooke et je cherche un magasin de plastic canvas
à Montréal ou St-Hubert,

si vous connaissez un magasin et une adresse je serais bien contente,


Francine Gendry
désolé, je n’habite pas à Montréal, ainsi, I don’ ; t savent où vous pouvez trouver la toile en plastique. mais vous pouvez essayer Michaels’ ; ou magasins en ligne ? !


November 20, 2008

hi !! about your noro entrelac ( can you tell us what noro color number you used ? it looks fantastic !


January 20, 2009

Hello. I’ve accidently found one of your older blog entries and in there I’ve seen an origami shell I was looking for a really long time. There’s only one book here in Hungary what contains the description. I’ve used to did it myself, but that was a long time ago. It’s not available here at the moment, so if that’s not too inproper to ask, may I ask you to help me finding it? Even the exact title of the books would help.. But if you have the instructions that would be even better.

This is it:

Thank you in advance! 🙂


February 12, 2009

Ni hao.
I found your blog while looking for inspirations to start knitting again. I think your blog is beautiful and inspiring, also your Chinese blog too. I will be looking forward to read both of your blogs.

Thanks for reading my blog, yeah, come on, pick up the sticks and knit again! 🙂
also, I would like to encourage you to join Ravelry, and also create a knitting blog, that’s help you to organize your knitting projects and habits better.


March 17, 2009

hiya, how are you ?
你好, 朋友, 路過, 來看看 ~



November 17, 2009

Hi, nice to meet you, Vivian, seems like you love knitting too. 😀


November 18, 2009

我搜索“cheap cutter”的时候意外发现了你的博客


December 6, 2009

Could you please help? I found an anny blatt book on your photos(flickr) through a google search for this book, it is the pattern book I bought and my husband threw it out with the newspapers. I cannot get it anywhere but saw that you have it. I have 2 outfits I was in the middle of making for my daughter (who is just married and starting a family) and I cannot finish them. I loved this book, could you tell me where I could get it, or if you would be willing to sell me yours or a scanned copy of yours. The place I bought it from cannot get it again, it is the one with the 2 tone lavender hat on the front and a little boy in a red variegated cardigan and cap with fluffy trims on the back cover, I have even tried France, but they don’t have an english version. Hope you can help me find it, I too love knitting and crochet. Regards Ursula

ursula harrison

September 25, 2010

hello Ursula, nice to hear that you love this Anny blatt book, I love it a lot. However, I moved from Canada to China for a year, and I believed that I sold that pattern book in my garage sale back in 2009. But, I bought that pattern book from the online store: Knit n Tyme. You can check out the following link, I think they still have some English ones :
Hope that helps. 🙂

Did you join Ravelry, by the way? It’s a good site for you to explore some new or old knitting /crocheting patterns. You may also find some knitters who knit the patterns in this magazine as well. 🙂


September 25, 2010

It is wonderful that you are doing an English blog. You are doing very well in English. I will look for this yarn shop today.

Your Erika is very sweet and lucky to have you for a parent.

Judi Templim

December 22, 2011

thank you for visiting my blog and really happy to hear your compliments too. 🙂
DId you visit the yarn store ???
enjoy knitting!


January 13, 2012

i was wondering if you knew if prickly pear was still in business? I recently bought a bag made by them, @ a mom to mom sale and am looking for washing instructions
also wouldnt mind to to look at some of their stuff. The bag is sorta what you describe – canvas with birds printed on the outside!
if you have any info that would be great, thanks!


April 2, 2012

First time I’ve ever understood Entrelac stitch I’m going to have a go today.
Secondly, what a srumptous little girl you have. Cuddles on legs

Julia Longstaff

July 16, 2012

Very much like to read your blog, anything new news for you. I am very interest for knitting too, hope to learn more from your.


October 25, 2012

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