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Quick knit

February 29, 2012 4 Comments

I finished knitting a hat today.
It was so much fun to knit this Escargot hat, I love its style and shape of the hat. It looks do elegant and gorgeous!


The yarn that I used was malabrigo Rios. Oh, I fell in love with this soft merino , it was super soft and easy to knit. You will not want to put down the needles when you are knitting with it. It is just enjoyable to touch it!
And I am sure that it will be very great for wearing a hat with this squishy yarn!

This hat was not made for myself, it will be a gift for my friend who just started chemo.

I felt very sorry for her but really wanted to do something for her as a support.

I may knit one more for myself and Erika (there is a jr size pattern for thesame style in Ravelry!! ) .


Another project that I am working on is a hooded vest for Erika.
The yarn that I chose for this Katie Snowflake is Sirdar Simply recycled. It is a dk weight, made of recycled cotton and acrylic. It sounds quite interesting and green to me.
I was firstly attracted by its color, it has the taste of spring and I really love this pale pink. Thank you Mary’s yarn carried this yarn, and they were not expensive at all.

I may stick up a little bit more of this yarn for hats knitting in the short future.



My November FOs

November 26, 2008 4 Comments

Finally I took some pictures of my new/old FOs. 

Here is the Norwegian Hat for Erika:

The Queen anne scarf on me:



Erika loves this too. 🙂

Yarn: Noro silk garden lite, pattern: Queen Anne Crochet scarf  (Free pattern!)


Finally took one without Erika's hand.

THis is another unfinished Queen Anne scarf, using Rowan Tapestry.


Queen Anne Crochet scarf using Rowan Tapestry

Queen Anne Crochet scarf using Rowan Tapestry

Alhambra scarf using Seasilk, yeah, my favorite yarn: very silky, and very shiny GOLDEN Seasilk!! 


Alhambra scarf

Alhambra scarf

A little scarf for Erika, using the left over Malabrigo from my Grande hat.


little scarf for Erika

little scarf for Erika

The grande hat (from boutique knits) .. I love this hat…

love the yarn too, first time to use the Malabrigo worsted weight. It’s so soft and easy to knit.

In the pattern , it suggests to use bulky weight, but I used the worsted weight, it works well too! 

I couldn’t take a clear picture of myself with the hat…

I shall ask Vincent to take one for me later. 

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted wool, needles: 4.5, 5 , 5.5 and 6mm needles. 

Last one is the Neck warmer (from Luxury One skein wonder book) :

Yarn: Mission Falls 136 wool, one skein only, and using 5.0mm needles

My Crush hat

November 5, 2008 3 Comments

I finished the crush hat for Erika. This pattern was chosen from the Luxury Yarn one-skein wonders : Ailish’s Alpaca-Merino Crush Hat. Originally, the designer added a visor for this hat (then, it will look like a cap), but I found that Erika looks good without it, so, I omitted that part. 

I didn’t block the hat yet, I am thinking: do I have to do it? I actually love the curled up bottom of the hat. 🙂

When I firstly put it on Erika’s hat, she refused it, I was afraid that she didn’t like the feeling of wearing hat. But then I told her,’you look pretty with this orange hat!’ . She smiled and didn’t take it away ! 🙂 

So sweet!


She was very excited when I said that she looked pretty with the hat.

She was very excited when I said that she looked pretty with the hat.



That’s why I could able to take some ‘happy’ pictures of her with the hat. 🙂

However, the pictures were taken last night, and it looks yellowish without natural light source. (ANd I don’t like using flash…sorry.) 

so, I will probably retake some better pictures in later days.


Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light 4226 ORANGE

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light 4226 ORANGE



The yarn is not very very soft, but still acceptable. 

I still have some yarn left, and dont’ know what to do with it. 

I am now knitting another cap – Norwegian sweet baby cap.

The yarn that I chose for this cap is the incredibly soft yarn by  Misti International Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Suri Silk. And the color is extremely beautiful. 

Will take picture of it when I have time .. 🙂

Easy, fast beret !

December 14, 2007 1 Comment

I finished this beret in a day!

It’s super easy and super fast.
In the pattern, it didn’t ask you to knit in round, and I did follow this way, however, I think next time, I can knit it in round, because my sewing is not that good (you need to sew the edge at the end of the work.) ….

If you knit it in round, it will be well balanced.

Anyway, I still love this beret, however, seems a bit small for me, I think I will give it away to someone else.
May be my friend’s daughter.

I need to make a pompom for this beret too, it will look much cuter with it on a little girl. 🙂

It’s fun to work a fast easy project sometimes, and great that I used two balls from my stash!

Pattern: Seed stitch beret, from Debbie Bliss “Family Knits”.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran, pink, 2 balls
needles: 4.5mm and 5mm
Size: for average Child’s size.

Purple Rectangular hat

September 25, 2007 4 Comments


I received a newletter from my local yarn store “Mary’s Yarn Store”, they are going to have a special two days sales.

Here is the details:
SALE: I know…that’s the part your eyes look for when the newsletter arrives….Friday September 28th and Saturday the 29th. This is a special sale…it”s my birthday and because it’s a special bd for me…we have to match the discounts to the age…We’ll be discounting numerous yarns to 50% off! Also, all blue yarns will be 25% off….as sapphire is my birthstone. Then…if you bring in ONE hand knit hat for charity, you are entitled to one regular priced item at 50% off. (sadly, I have to exclude Fleece artist and Handmaiden) I’m still planning this party/sale…so come and visit us and see what we’ve got in store.


Because of that, I knit a hat for charity and at the same time, I can get one item at 50%, how nice!

I already think of an item: a circular needle. 🙂


Oh well, even though there is no discount event, I would love to knit more hats for charity too, it’s very meaningful though. There are so many people out there needs warmth and care.

The pattern for this hat is from itty-bitty hats again, the size is for 2 years old +. It fits me quite well (just a bit smaller).

In the pattern, it was sewed with two knitted stars, but I skipped this part because I don’t really like the stars.

It was like that before adding the tassels.


yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed cotton – Orchid

the tassels: Rowan baby Soft – ivory