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Addicted to Ishbel!

June 18, 2009

I don’t know why I love Ishbel that much.

In fact, it’s a fast project, and I can finish one in 3 days.

I made two recently, one was using the sock yarn by Estelle Arequipa. I think this yarn is soft and elastic to knit. I love it.  THe color that I chose is something like pale pink and purple.  I didn’t block it yet, but once I block it, I might give it out to my friend before I leave to China.

The second that I made was using Japanese yarn. It’s not wool, I think it is something like acrylic and polyester, but, it’s light, fine, and sparkling. It’s not so soft , and some people may think that it’s itchy too. However, I really love the outcome of the shawl with this yarn, it looks so elegant and gorgeous.

I wanted to add beads to this shawl, and bought some crystals beads from Michael (they were on sale) .. however, the hole inside the beads are way too small that my 0.6 mm crochet hook can’t pass through it.

SO, i gave up to use these beads, and will use the Japanese seed beads (usually the seed beads have larger holes). And I am quite satisfied with these beads.
Hopefully I can finish it today and post the picture of it tomorrow.

I started to love using beads for shawls/scarves. I will use ‘ore-strung beads” method next time. I wanted to make another simple shawl using the crystal beads. Hopefully it will work well.

I also started another shawl called “Fountain pen shawl”, it’s from the Interweave Knits 2009 Spring issue.

IT’s a very simple project that I think I can finish it off soon too.

The yarn that I used is also summer yarn, Hempathy , a mix of hemp and cotton. Since it’s DK weight, it’s easy and fast to knit too. but, because of the heavier weight, I will do 6 repeats of the pattern instead of the 10 repeats.

I already did 2 repeats, just 8 more plus the edge , then, I will finish this shawl.

The color I chose for this yarn is some thing like teal blue, I rarely choose this color for my stash, but, somehow, I found that this color is pretty , and should look good on me. 🙂

I also added some seed beads to this shawl, it’s not as gorgeous as the Japanese Ishbel, but, I love to use beads instead of doing the nupps.
To my all knitter friends, my plan to China was changed. We were originally planned to go to Shanghai in July 31st, but my husband’s boss finally decided to move his station to ShenZhen (which is also part of China, it’s more south of it, and very close to Hong Kong.) So, we changed the air ticket and will go to Hong Kong in July 22nd, stay there for few days and then will take the van / car to ShenZhen.

Since it’s so close to HK, I can shop the beautiful Japanese yarn easily. 🙂

but, I miss all my friends in Canada/States… really miss you guys, and hope we can keep in touch no matter where we are in the world. 🙂


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Finally, Shenzhen it is! It’s much more comfortable in Winter than Shanghai. You only have 1 month left.

yes, finally the boss decided to station in SZ, this is not my favorite place, but.. the good thing is: it’s close to HONG KONG< and I do have many friends and families over there. 🙂


June 18, 2009

All your projects are beautiful. Your friend will love the shawl. It’s a beautiful gift as a reminder of your friendship. I just queued the Ishbel shawl and bought the dl. It’s my next to-do project if I can ever finish the icarus shawl.


June 18, 2009

I finally lucky enough to see the pictures of your Ishbels before I leave! They’re SO GEORGEOUS!!! I love them all and it’s colour is actually very similar to the one I am knitting for you. I hope you won’t tired of the scarves with similar colours! The teal blue is a surprised for me! I have always love that colour tone and I am sure you will look good in it! With beads on all of them, they must be elegant and shimmery.

I will miss you too…..dearly and deeply. I am sure we will see each other in the near future. I got to make sure my kai daughter remember me!!

p.s. love your new blog’s look! It’s simple yet special.


June 18, 2009

Love your Ishbels, I really like the idea of adding beads. Ive just picked up some Malabrigo sock yarn to make an Ishbel- cant wait to start:)


June 24, 2009

Hey Lilian,

Hate to bother you coz I know you’re moving, but I’d like to know where did you get the peach/pink Japanese sparkling yarn! 🙂 Is there anywhere online that I can find it? I’d like to knit/crochet a shrug to go with my wedding and evening gown…but yarn supplies in Malaysia suck big time 😦 Thank you for any info you could provide!

Hi, Wen..
really sorry that I really dont’ know where you can buy them online… I knew that there are some yarn stores in Taiwan that they MAY have the Japanese yarn, but not sure if they have that Sparkling ones. I am going to attach the links soon so that you can take a look of them.
In Toronto, there are few balls left in that store and sells about $10 CAN each.
By the way, COngrats for your wedding. 🙂
it’s gonna be gorgeous to use this yarn for a shawl or shrug. 🙂

But, I didn’t see that particular yarn in this store.. you may find something similar to that.


July 1, 2009

I’m working on my first Ishbel and I think I might be addicted as well. I have plans for many more!


July 7, 2009

Hi Lilian, thank you so much for your reply! I’ll try looking online 🙂 I’ve got another question for ya, since you make such lovely stuff!! Do you have any ideas what color shrug/shawl to match a maroon/red tube-type evening gown? I was initially thinking black, but it might be too harsh *sigh* oh oh, happy moving to China! I’ll of course continue to read your lovely blog! 🙂

I replied you through email. 🙂 Thanks for your compliments. 😀


July 20, 2009

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